Below you can find a selected list of projects that I have worked in the past or am currently working on.

The Last Light

Narrative AR experience created in Unity that presents story pieces via diorama scale sets. I designed a procedural placement system that would find open spaces on the user’s walls based on a generated world mesh captured from the user's environment. I also created a multi-lightmap system that could blend between lightmaps via Unity’s timeline. I helped develop a system that would gather performance timings from our device. Using Node and Express, these timings would be analyzed and charted on an internal facing website. For more information on this project check out this verge article!

Hyperbolic VR - Raymarching

Based on the websperience by Vi Hart, Andrea Hawksley, and Henry Segerman. This project seeks to improve upon the original by using raymarching as a technique to improve the visible depth of the environment. HypVR-Ray is being worked by Michael Woodard and Henry Segerman and is helped by the work of Jeff Week's Curved Spaces, Mozilla's webVR framework for THREEjs, and Jamie Wong's Ray Marching and Signed Distance Functions. Note that this project is very intensive and requires a dedicated graphics card to run the full version. However a simpler version exists and can even be ran a current midrange phone.
Full Version
Lightweight Version
Check out the code on Github

Texture Generator for Unity 3D

Developed for use in Unity3D. This project handles the creation and serialization of different 3D/2D textures created via custom compute shaders. This is done through a custom ComputeTexture object. I started this project in order to generate the various different textures needed for a volumetric cloud system defined by the people at Guerilla Games. Since this system called for 3D textures, I decided I would need a tool to create and save these textures for future use.

Cosmic Ark for Android - Unreleased

A Unity recreation of the classic Atari 2600 game featuring an implementation of the Google Play Games api for scoreboard tracking. Along with the code I also created all art assets used in the game outside of the fonts. I worked on the project for roughly six months until a hard drive failure caused me to lose all progress. As a result I have become very familiar with using git for game development. While the game is still very rough, feel free to try it out.
Download and try out the game here!

Slide Puzzle: Duality

An interesting take on the traditional slide puzzle. This simple game was developed in Unity and is designed to be compatible with HTC Vive headsets. I worked on this small project for roughly a month. The project won the 2017 Library Creativity Award at Okstate for the Wild Card category.
Download and try out the game here!

Miscellaneous Gallery

See some examples of my code on my Github!